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Network maintenance

Computers need to talk to each other and share resources. Having a network is vital for the success of your company.

CNPS has a proven track record in constructing and maintaining computer networks. We provide cost effective and reliable solutions for your computing needs.

CNPS specialize in a range of fields:

  • Local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN)
  • Linux server
  • Windows server
  • Thin client networks
  • Wireless networking
  • Remote management


networking rj45 cables

Local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN)

A LAN is the most common scenario, having many computers in the same location talking and sharing resources like printers, scanners or servers.

A WAN is a larger scale LAN which is spread out over different parts of the town, city or even country.

Linux server

We specialize in a Linux server called Debian and Ubuntu. It is a open source and free software which is highly recognized in the server industry. Debian is very popular because unlike Windows, it's free. It is also a very stable system which is able to out perform a Windows server in both pure power and general stability.

Debian can run a large range of services such as Samba (Web server), file server, thin clients, and many more.

Windows server

We can support Windows based servers if you already have an existing network or just prefer a Windows based network.

Thin client networks

A thin client is a computer which has very limited hardware but instead runs everything off the main server. It is a cheaper alternative to having a full computer at every desk. This saves money on hardware and also all the files are stored on the main server, this saves data loss and allows for better accountability.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking allows freedom around the office. It can also be useful where it is unpractical or impossible to lay wires. We can design, create and maintain your wireless network and keep it protected from unauthorized users.

Network security

Having information secure is vital and we can help you make sure your network is secure and keep hackers, malware, adware, virus and other unwanted guests at bay.

Remote management

Remote management is useful for those times where it is time consuming to travel onsite in the event of a problem. Our technicians are able to fix most issues remotely, saving time and reducing cost.

Other computing solutions

We can help you come up with solutions to any problems you may have. Please contact us for any of your needs.